Language School Teachers


Helge Kushner – Carnation September 5

With her back straight intelligent Carnation is seeking and reflective. Her continuous truth seeking reflects in her pedagogical career. After graduating from Tallinn Pedagogical University in 1997 where she became an Estonian language and literature teacher, Helge has stuck with her chosen career up until now. Helge is curious, has a great sense of humour, is punctual, industrious, hates exaggerations and demands it from her students. Her students appreciate her energy, glow, friendliness and sense of duty.

Estonian and Russian


Katrin Taumann – Heather September 29

Modest Heather is characterised by elegance, clear mind and soft temper. Katrin is an irreplaceable specialist and knows her price. She is a good colleague-mate, balanced and an easy-going pedagog, who graduated from Tallinn University as a Russian literature and Estonian language teacher in 1993.

In Nordic University she acquired a diploma of English language philologist. Master Heather has a long experience working with children, teenagers and adults, so quarrels are unknown to her: she always finds harmony with her students as well as colleagues.

English, Estonian and Russian


Riina Runno – Orchid November 5

Mysterious Orchid doubts everything except her career choice. According to practical life industrious, courageous and positive teacher Riina is always ready to fight till the end of her days. She graduated from Tallinn University in 1994 and this brought her to teaching in 2000. Having an iron will in her work and duties, without escaping from reality, reaching her goals with different methods, her results are always impressive. Intensive life with children and grown-up students do not wither Orchid, but add energy and adrenalin for continuous self-perfection.

Estonian and Russian


Lija langemets – Portulaca May 14

Teacher Lija’s career is as colourful as the colour of the blossoms of a portulaca. When graduating Tartu University in 1995 she didn’t know that her real vocation is to show others what she knows and what she studied. Lija finally decided to focus on teaching the young and adults. No one had to be disappointed. With stubborness and relentless force, teacher Lija has uplifted thousands of students. Always elegant, trustworthy and moderately strict. Teacher Lija loves what she does.



Maimu Ruubas- Bellflower July 11

Conservative Bellflower needs good friends, caring family and a cosy home which Keelepisik offers. She graduated from Tallinn Pedagogical University in 1976 where she studied Estonian language and literature which she has stayed true to. She loves the past and looks for challenges in life. The access road for bellflower is great colleagues and cozy atmosphere. Collects old things, they might be needed some day…



Maie Matvejeva- Thimble flower March 23

Thimble flower is deciding and energetic, encouraging others with its energy. They are very smart, talented and vigorous just like teacher Maie. Maie graduated from Tallinn Pedagogical University in 1998 where she studied to become an Estonian language and cultural history teacher. She never loses her head. There is no other person to make a decision and save a situation than Maie. Thimble flower’s head works works clearly and fast.



Kai Tiislär- Hydrangea April 14

Kind and generous teacher Kai graduated from Tartu University where she studied Estonian and Finno-Ugric Languages, majoring in Baltic Finnish languages in 2010.  Hydrangea likes to do good and inspire others which she also uses in her job. Teacher Kai is creative and with a good sense of humour.

Estonian and Finnish