Language school Keelepisik OÜ

A long time ago when all sorts of bugs roamed the earth , language bugs met. Besides different flu bugs there are language bugs, thanks to whom one can get smarter.

People who have caught flu are often disgruntled and miserable, but those who have caught language bugs are happy, creative and rich.

Come and be convinced!

Keelepisiks is a partner of The Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund.

We have also co-operated with following enterprises:

MISA, Euro Academy, Sea Academy, Tallinn Prison, Tallinn kindergartens, Tallinn Health Care College, East-Tallinn Hospital, Iru Nursing Home, Kopli Youth Centre.

Also Russian Drama Theatre, Ruukki OÜ, Tallinn Public Transport AS, Johannes Mihkelson Centre, Embassy of Ireland, ESS, Swedbank, Bank of Estonia.

Projects: Estonian language courses for workes of the third sector organisations, Estonian language courses for refugees and new immigrants.


Language Clubs

Language clubs take place once a week on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays in Estonian, English and Russian.



Theatrical language lesson

You keep learning, but never really get it… Well, then this is for you. Keelepisik organises theatrical language lessons.



General Language Courses

Keelepisik offers general language courses at all levels 0-C1 and languages.




We offer skype-lessons. The number of lessons, time and price is as agreed between the teacher and the student.